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Timothy, Terry and Bob Jordan

We are Team Jordan, “doing it for Emily.”

“Doing it for Emily” was a term originally coined by Bob’s brother Tim. It was in big letters on Bob’s T-shirt as he participated in the 1997 World Championship in Kona. It was what Bob called, “my last gift from Emily.”

Emily’s letter to “the lottery people” from her hospital room asking them to “please pick my dad” sparked an outpouring of support and love, including a slot to the coveted World Championship. (This was in 1997)

Emily was our daughter, Timothy’s big sister, a beautiful, bright little girl who lived with us for 5 years before leukemia and the side effects of her treatments ended her life as we knew it.

Over the years, we used these same words to raise funds, awareness, research and support for all those with cancer with the funds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Over the past 22 years as a family, we have collectively participated in over 45 endurance events with Team in Training raising over $300,000. Our mission continues to that end, to end cancer and especially the effects of not only cancer itself, but the treatments and side effects.

The deeper meaning of “Doing it for Emily” is changing as the decades pass. We will explore here on this site through our writing and continued fundraising.

So, stay tuned. Keep coming back as we will continue to add.

And, thank you for all your love and support over all these years as we continue “doing it for Emily!”

Letter from Timothy






My name is Timothy Jordan and I was born in San Diego, California to Bob and Terry Jordan. Their daughter (my sister) was very sick. I came into the world entirely unaware of the pain around me–unaware of sickness, fear, turmoil, or sadness. I smiled and pooped and slept and that was my world. I laughed, I enjoyed being held, I loved my parents and I loved my sister. And through all of the distractions, they loved me back. 

Emily, having been diagnosed with Leukemia less than a year prior to my arrival, fancied carrying me around like an awkwardly-weighted and well-loved pillow. I didn’t mind. In fact, I looked forward to my time upside down in Emily’s arms because it offered a different way to see my world of smiling and pooping (and sleeping of course). 

As days passed in California, Emily’s condition was not improving. We moved to Los Angeles to continue more extensive treatment, but as fate (or whatever you believe in) had it, our time with Emily was up. On April 29th, 1997, my sister, Emily passed away. She was five years old.

The way my parents talk about Emily is with fond memories and love. She is and was missed, but her life is remembered as a gift to those who shared it with her. I don’t remember my days with Em, of course, but she survives through pictures and though stories. She was a beautiful little girl who blessed us with her presence while she could, and kissed us goodbye when she had to. She was the best guest one could ask for.

Our story–the story of Team Jordan, begins with Emily, and continues with you. Every dollar moves us closer to the day when a parent hears the words, “Your child has leukemia” and it is followed up with; “But it’s okay, because there is a treatment with no side effects.”

Someday is Today.

Help us. 
We don’t care what you’re reason is,
but we’re Doing it For Emily.